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"Need a Miami Criminal Defense Attorney or Public Sector Employment Lawyer?"

Welcome to the Law Office of George D Cholakis where Mr. Cholakis uses his over 17 years of high profile criminal
prosecution expertise and personal experience to help those facing serious criminal charges or public sector
employees facing disciplinary action or a loss of their careers.


Public Sector Employment Law

Why Choose a Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Known for his Expertise as a Prosecutor?

Mr. Cholakis understands all sides of the criminal justice system. In addition to defending your case on its own merits and the fine points of the law, he can anticipate the prosecutor's likely approach because he was a prosecutor.

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Why Choose a Former Prosecutor to Protect or Defend a Government Employee Facing Discipline or Termination?

Mr. Cholakis understands the issues, pressures, and risks facing these employees not only because he worked with them during his career but also because he was one of them. He has seen and experienced how a mistake or bad judgment can end a career.

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