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George D. Cholakis is a Miami criminal defense and public sector labor attorney who brings a unique perspective to his cases. His experience as a state prosecutor, trial attorney and government employee combines to make him the ideal choice for the following legal services in Miami:

Criminal defense - Defendants facing serious criminal charges need an aggressive defense attorney who truly understands their plight. Not only is George an experienced trial attorney and former prosecutor, he is compassionate and understands the very real issues his clients face because of his own personal experiences. He understands that a criminal arrest has a lasting impact on families. It affects jobs and careers, while damaging reputations. The effect of an arrest may take years to correct. As a result of his experiences, George D. Cholakis has a fuller appreciation of the issues facing his clients, and he understands his clients’ fears and concerns.

State and Federal criminal law - If you've been charged with a State and Federal crime, you can count on George D. Cholakis. His knowledge of Florida criminal law coupled with 17 years of experience as a prosecutor with the Miami-Dade's State Attorney's Office speaks for itself. George is prepared and able to handle any violations of State and Federal laws.

Public Sector labor law – George Cholakis is a public sector labor attorney representing police officers, firefighters, correctional officers and any other government employee. Our public sector labor legal services covers everything from representing those criminally charged or being criminally investigated to government employees facing discipline or a loss of employment. If you're a government employee in need of an attorney in Miami, look no further than George D. Cholakis. His knowledge of Florida labor law is complemented by his seventeen years as a public employee. He understands the challenges public employees face and ensures that you do not need to face them alone or without a clear legal strategy that protects your interests.

Whether you are facing serious State and Federal criminal charges, discipline, a demotion, or loss of employment, the other side is already working to prove its case against you.

Do you have a plan in place to defend yourself? Time is ticking. Contact the Law Office of George D. Cholakis today to schedule a consultation with an experienced, compassionate Miami (criminal) defense attorney.

Why Choose a Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Known for his Expertise as a Prosecutor? George D. Cholakis understands all sides of the criminal justice system. In addition to defending your case on its own merits and the fine points of the law, he can anticipate the prosecutor's likely approach because he was a prosecutor. George D. Cholakis also knows what it is like to face criminal prosecution. He understands the stress that is felt by families. George D. Cholakis presents a unique perspective to the challenges facing those charged with a crime.

Why Choose a Former Prosecutor to Protect or Defend a Government Employee Facing Discipline or Termination? As a former prosecutor, George D. Cholakis was a government employee who worked hand-in-hand with other government employees. These employees included police officers, firefighters and correctional officers. He understands the issues, pressures, and risks facing these employees not only because he worked with them, but also because he was one of them. More importantly, he has seen and experienced how a mistake or bad judgment can end a career.

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