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Miami Dade Assistant State Attorney (August, 1989-February, 2007)

The following letters of commendation were written by law enforcement officers, victims of crimes or family members of victims of crimes during my seventeen year career as a prosecutor with the Miami Dade State Attorney's Office. These letters were not written during my time in private practice nor intended to reflect on my abilities as a criminal defense attorney or public sector administrative labor attorney. They are intended to reflect what law enforcement, victims and family members of victims felt about how I handled their cases as a prosecutor employed by the Miami Dade State Attorney's Office. These letters cover the time I worked for the Honorable Janet Reno, from 1989-1993, and Katherine Fernandez Rundle, from 1993-2007.

I am posting letters written by law enforcement officials. I am also posting letters from withesses, victims' and family members of victims,' as I receive their permission to do so. Although these letters are a matter of public record I am requesting their permission out of respect for their privacy.

"L.J Cooperman" (April 28, 1990).
"Leonard F. Baer" (June 28, 1991).
"James U. Johnson "(May 21, 1992).
"Maria Diaz" (August 03, 1992).
"Judge Loree Swartz Feiler" (May 28, 1993).
"Names redacted (a sensitive case)" (June 8, 1993).
"Director Fred Taylor" (July 18, 1993).
"Detective Donald J. Diecidue" (April 29, 1994).
"Thomas F. Walsh" (January 19. 1995).
"Lt. Russell Fischer" (May 11, 1995).
"ASA R. Antonacci-Pollock" (October 24, 1995).
"David Alschuler" (August 8, 1996).
"ASA Catherine Vogel" (November 16, 1999).